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Nixie-Transistor Clock - Details

This is an electronic kit for the very experienced hobbyist.

The result is a wall hanging clock that shows 1250+ parts in all their glory. 

There are no Integrated Circuits, all functionality is achieved using discrete transistor-diode logic.

The 180 volts for the NIXIE displays is developed from 12 volts by a boost switching power supply, which is detailed in the manual.

The assembly manual has a logic tutorial and circuit descriptions that attempt to explain how the clock works. Download the manual to the right ->

The kit comes with all parts and the PC board with the part symbols showing the values of the components for easy assembly.  Solder and solder-wick (we all make mistakes) are included, along with spare parts for many items. 

The 180 volts on this PC Board is dangerous.  Only experienced builders with respect for High Voltage should attempt to build this kit. 

Shoddy soldering may cause the boost supply to self destruct, destroying the transistor, capacitors, diodes, and perhaps hurting you.  You might consider successfully building the transistor clock kit before attempting this kit.

I do not guarantee your success.  I will help through email for careful builders who need a hint

View Assembly Manual in PDF
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